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Pet Policy

To all persons bringing pets to Willow Lake Campground:

Willow Lake Campground is a family-oriented facility, which is considered by many folks to be a reasonably safe environment for their children and grandchildren to visit and enjoy.

National statistics about the rapid increase in dog bites have caused insurance companies much concern. As a result, we are requiring all people bringing pets into Willow Lake Campground to read this policy and sign their name to a copy before occupying a campsite.

  1. Certain dog breeds, (Please see restricted breeds), are prohibited at Willow Lake Campground unless they qualify under one of the following categories: service animal, psychiatric service dog (PSD), emotional support animal (ESA) or therapy animal.
  2. No more than 2 pets per site are permitted.
  3. Visitors of guests are not permitted to bring pets into the campground.
  4. All pets should have proper papers of vaccinations to be presented and filed at the office.
  5. Pets should never be left unattended, including inside your RV.
  6. Pets must be on a short leash at all times when being walked or on a strong durable rope or chain that will not allow the pet to extend off the campsite in any direction.
  7. Pets creating a disturbance or being a nuisance will not be tolerated.
  8. All pet droppings are the responsibility of the pet owner.
  9. Children under 10 will not be allowed to walk pets unsupervised in the campground.
  10. I certify that my pet has never been involved in a dog/person or in a dog/dog incident.

For a person to have a qualified service dog he/she must have a disability that substantially limits his/her ability to perform at least one major life task without assistance.

Prohibited animals that qualify as a psychiatric service dog (PSD) must be prescribed for a person by a licensed mental health professional in a properly formatted letter that states that a PSD is needed to perform tasks that a person is unable to perform for him/herself during certain events.

An emotional support animal (ESA) must be prescribed by a licensed therapist in a properly formatted letter that states the person is determined to be emotionally or psychologically disabled and that the presence of the animal is necessary for the disabled persons mental health.

Therapy animals are more commonly taken to visit patients in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities to support mental health or physical therapy. Therapy animals must be registered.

See NSARCO.COM for more information.

Restricted Breeds:

  1. Akita
  2. American Bulldog
  3. American Stafford Terrier
  4. Canary dog (Presa Canario)
  5. Chow
  6. Doberman
  7. German Shepherd or Shepherd mix
  8. Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog
  9. Mastiff or Mastiff mixes
  10. Pit Bull or Pit Bull mixes
  11. St. Francis Terrier
  12. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  13. Tosa Inu
  14. Wolf or Wolf Hybrids